man at large keyhole window pondering questions

solving the right problem

In this article I want to examine problems and solutions, and I want to discuss solving problems for the right outcome.

cover art for BMW's the Hire video series

the hire – ambush

In 2001 BMW commissioned some of the world’s most popular directors to make a set of short films featuring their cars. The continuing story line is about “The Driver”, played by Clive Owen, who narrates the films. This one, the first of the series, was directed by John Frankenheimer.

filming BMW drift mob commercial

the bmw driftmob

Another blatant example of anti-social car advertising. I must say this ad had no influence whatsoever on any car purchase I might have made. In fact I bought mine before the ad was even aired overseas.

mercedes AMG SLS on approach to the tunnel experiment

the mercedes tunnel advert

The intersection between an advertising wanker and a hoon must be car adverts. This is an advert for the Mercedes SLS AMG. It features Michael Scumacher, and is a remarkable piece of film-making.

woman holding clock and tearing hair

the cost of procrastination

People often justify procrastination as “waiting for something better to turn up”. When viewed through the lens of statistics and probability, this is a fraught strategy. A higher price may not be the best outcome, as we will see in this article.

Concept of choice between two options marked as A and B. Letters are printed on note paper and attached to rope with clothes pins.

picking opportunities

Evaluating opportunities generally means determining if you should take an opportunity, or leave things as they are. Although there are really three categories of decision approaches, two are similar and straightforward, and one is really difficult.

closing credit for C'était un rendez vous

c’était un rendez vous

“It was a date” is an eight-minute high-speed drive through Paris in the early hours of an August Sunday morning in 1976.

man at blackboard with lots of choices

perfect decisions, or timely decisions?

In this post, I want to exercise the idea of decision timeliness. The question is whether it is better to wait to make the right decision, or to give an adequate decision now, and refine it later.