dowling street in woolloomooloo

One of the things we like to do when travelling is to just walk around the streets. Our home city of Sydney is a place where we should do this more often.

We had just finished dinner at the Old Fitzroy and had some time to fill before allowed into the theatre. It was approaching dusk on a lovely evening, and we decided just to go for a stroll.

We were captured by the amazing beauty of this part of Sydney. We walked from the hotel down Dowling Street to the waterfront and back again.

Some lovely old buildings – cottages and terraces – and some more modern housing, somehow in keeping with the existing built landscape. Parks, playgrounds, and the remarkable Plunkett Street Public School.

The school looks, well, uninviting, from Dowling Street. But walk around it and look inside and it has the most amazing internal grounds, not easily visible from outside.

The street and surrounds are greener than you think they might be. After all, it is a few minutes walk into Kings Cross, and a few minutes away from the naval base. But it is green, clean, and inviting.

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