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the art of presenting

Presenting well is an art that is characterised by preparation, and lots of it. Here’s what can happen if you scrimp on that preparation.

a film strip of video frames

a christmas carol

my favourite carol

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before you decide

Be as objective as you can when making decisions, but recognise that there is an elephant in the room. Unfortunately, that elephant is you.

roadsign showing plan A crossed out and replaced by plan A

plan A and plan B

This article looks at the how of solving a problem. It leads into why having several plans to resolve the problem is a good thing.

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solving the right problem

In this article I want to examine problems and solutions, and I want to discuss solving problems for the right outcome.

same sex marriage rally in Sydney, September 2017

Australia’s same sex marriage vote

Predictably, the debate is turning vitriolic. The issue seems less important than the opportunity to vilify adherents of one side or the other.

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the cost of procrastination

People often justify procrastination as “waiting for something better to turn up”. When viewed through the lens of statistics and probability, this is a fraught strategy. A higher price may not be the best outcome, as we will see in this article.

Concept of choice between two options marked as A and B. Letters are printed on note paper and attached to rope with clothes pins.

picking opportunities

Evaluating opportunities generally means determining if you should take an opportunity, or leave things as they are. Although there are really three categories of decision approaches, two are similar and straightforward, and one is really difficult.

closing credit for C'était un rendez vous

c’était un rendez vous

“It was a date” is an eight-minute high-speed drive through Paris in the early hours of an August Sunday morning in 1976.

man at blackboard with lots of choices

perfect decisions, or timely decisions?

In this post, I want to exercise the idea of decision timeliness. The question is whether it is better to wait to make the right decision, or to give an adequate decision now, and refine it later.

man deciding between three lift doors

decisions, decisions

I believe we are faced with two very different types of decisions. We need to recognise the type of decision required so we can apply the right thinking and analysis to the matter.

Right now I’m having amnesia and déjà vu at the same time. I think I’ve forgotten this before.

Steven Wright