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The BMW film series "The Hire" is a series of short films produced for the internet in the early 2000s.

  1. the hire – ambush
  2. the hire – chosen
  3. the hire – the follow
  4. the hire – star
  5. the hire – powder keg
  6. the hire – hostage
  7. the hire – ticker
  8. the hire – beat the devil
  9. the hire – the escape

After 2002 BMW produced no more films. As they explained, the films had done their job, and copycats, including Mercedes, had followed their lead, so they saw no need to continue. As you can imagine, after looking at the films, these were very expensive productions.

In 2016 this film appeared on the internet with little fanfare.

It is either the first film in the third series, or the last of the films. It is a bit longer and more complex than the earlier films. I enjoy this immensely. It is directed by Neil Blomkamp.

the plot

After the disappearance of geneticist Dr. Nora Phillips and the exposure of the Molecular Genetics company’s illegal activities in human cloning, the FBI raids the facility to arrest its key people. One surviving specimen, Lily, is escorted by a ruthless mercenary and gunman named Holt to be delivered to an unnamed customer, who bought the specimen. The Driver is hired to transport the package with Holt “babysitting” him, ordering the hired driver to evade the FBI forces. At the end, when the Driver realizes that Lily has human feelings, he forces Holt to get out of the car and drives the girl to a harbor where Dr. Phillips becomes the unnamed customer and takes proper care of her creation.

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