looking north-west along dowling street, woolloomoolloo

gallery: dowling street in woolloomooloo

One of the things we like to do when travelling is to just walk around the streets. Our home city of Sydney is a place where we should do this more often.

the pompeii dog

gallery: Pompeii 2015

Photos from our trip to Pompeii in 2015

great hall with with designed tapestry in backround

gallery: Canberra 2017

Instead of visiting Floriade, we got sidetracked, and spent the Saturday at the new and the old parliament houses.

closing credit for C'était un rendez vous

c’était un rendez vous

“It was a date” is an eight-minute high-speed drive through Paris in the early hours of an August Sunday morning in 1976.

Uluru taken from the most popular photograher's location

gallery: Uluru 2017

Photographs from our trip to Uluru in April 2017.

the pompeii dog

you should go to Pompeii

If you have never been to Pompeii, we can recommend it. Be warned, though, you will not find it to be an uplifting experience. But you will find it to be moving,

a glass of espresso fredo

espresso fredo

Whilst I was in Italy this year, I was introduced to the most marvellous iced coffee. What I discovered was “espresso fredo”, or cold espresso coffee.

the art of konny steding

gallery: the art of konny steding

Our favourite street artist.

the art of konny steding

graffiti or street art?

Until an epiphany in Paris earlier this year, I thought that street art was a politically correct, apologist euphemism for graffiti.